Who Should Be On a Group Benefit Plan

This is a very important topic that, when overlooked, can create major issues for the business owner and any employee not added to the program.

Most group plans are set up as mandatory plans where anyone working a minimum of 20 hours per week should be on the plan. If they are not put on the plan when eligible they can become a late applicant.

Late applicants have to go through full medical underwriting for themselves and their dependents. Should anyone have health issues the employee’s coverage can be completely declined and is therefore out of luck at a time when they may need coverage most.

Please avoid this type of situation by adding all employees and making your benefit program a mandatory part of employment.

Should you want to increase the number of hours worked per week to something higher you can do that as well. Some companies will make it mandatory for employees working a minimum of 30 hours for example.

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Take care!

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