New Group Insurance and PHSP Videos

Recently, The Benefit Specialists Corp and BeneCo teamed up with one of our partners in Calgary to film a few videos on group insurance and private health services plans. Mitch Reynolds from Life Guard Insurance runs the #1 website in the Calgary area for personal life and health insurance and is one of our referring partners. With his help, we filmed some videos that explain what we do for clients, how to get a quote and what to expect with ongoing service.

Sean represented The Benefit Specialists Corp in the first video. Sean did a great job explaining TBSC’s unique value proposition in this video. He highlighted our over 50 years combined experience, our specialization in the complex field of group benefits insurance, and our outstanding customer service and support. If you were ever wondering what sets TBSC apart from our competition in Calgary and across Alberta, take 5 minutes of your time and watch this video.

Paul then did an excellent job explaining n a nutshell what a private health services plan is in the second video. Understanding how this sort of flexible, tax efficient plan can be used by a corporation to extend health and dental benefits to employees is very valuable. Not everyone in your company has the same needs. One might need laser eye surgery while another might need to get braces for their children. A pool of tax free dollars usable by the employees for any eligible health expense is much more flexible and viewed as more fair by employees. Reimbursement of health expenses as a tax free benefit to employees and a tax deductible expense to the corporation. This is a true win-win scenario for health and dental benefits.
These videos are posted on the Life Guard Insurance website. Even though they are featured with one of our insurance partners, the information is universal for all our customers and partners. These videos are only 4 or 5 minutes each and worth a look. Here at The Benefit Specialists Corp and BeneCo we are ready to work for you: design the most valuable employee benefits plan for your company and provide outstanding ongoing customer service.
Thanks for your time, and please feel free to contact us.

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